Modern vehicles communicate with each other and with the road infrastructure. We make sure that this communication is safe, interoperable, and compliant. We provide the cyber security suite for intelligent road infrastructure and connected vehicles, together with FREE online test PKI, training, and more.

Our references

C-Roads logo

C-ROADS Czech Republic

TeskaLabs C-ITS Security product suite has been chosen as a central public key infrastructure (PKI) for the C-Roads pilot deployment in the Czech Republic, the largest C-Roads pilot in Europe. C-Roads is a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators. It is a technological platform that allows road vehicles to communicate utilising C-ITS with other vehicles, traffic signals, roadside infrastructure as well as with other road users.

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C-ITS PKI as a Service for C-Roads Slovenia /

TeskaLabs provides C-ITS PKI as a Service for C-Roads Slovenia, in cooperation with DARS d.d., Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia. The Slovenian C-Roads project is taking place at the TEN-T core network and covers 100km in length. It is located on the A1 highway (section Ljubljana – Koper), the A3 (section Divača - Sežana) and the H4 (section Razdrto – Vipava).

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Recognized expertise and relevance

TeskaLabs is a member of the sub-group of cooperative intelligent transport system of the European Commission expert group on intelligent transport system.

What we offer


Our product SeaCat PKI provides all C-ITS Security and C-V2X Security functions such as Root Certificate Authority, Enrolment Authority (EA), Authorization Authority (AA), and Trust List Manager (TLM) in compliance with ESTI standards TS 103 097 v1.3.1/v1.2.1 and ETSI TS 102 941 v1.3.1.
Certified for participation on ETSI Plugtests.

ITS-S Security Module

ITS-S Security Module is an implementation of the client-side (OBUs, RSUs or back-office) security features of C-ITS and C-V2X. The module can be used as a reference implementation for your projects, as a library for OBU and RSU or as standalone microservice with the API.
Certified for participation on ETSI Plugtests.

Open C-ITS / C-V2X Test PKI

We operate FREE, continuously available, online test PKI for all organizations interested in the implementation of C-ITS Security or C-V2X Security. The environment offers Root CA, Enrolment Authority, Authorization Authority, and Trust List Manager. The environment allows continuous testing of the C-ITS and C-V2X applications.


Thanks to our activities in C-Roads pilots, C-ITS / C-V2X Security workshops, and ETSI plugtests, we have deep expertise and practical experience with C-ITS Security. We offer expert consultancy in C-ITS and C-V2X security from the architecture to implementation and compliance validations.


Learn about C-ITS Security and C-V2X Security standards, requirements, and implementation best-practices. The training will accelerate the adoption of the C-ITS Security and will quickly boost C-ITS Security competency. Participants of the training will receive the certificate of participation.

EU CPOC managed relation

We manage all relations with European Commission C-ITS Point of Contact (CPOC), specifically the participation on the European Certificate Trust List (ECTL) / Trust List Manager (TLM) for your organisation. Thanks to our long term contribution and active cooperation with EU JRC, we ensure that the relationship is managed smoothly and efficiently.

ETSI Plugtests

ETSI logo ETSI Plugtest logo

C-ITS: The seventh ITS CMS Plugtest, 4-8 November 2019
C-V2X: The first C-V2X Plugtest, 2-6 December 2019
C-V2X: The second C-V2X Plugtest, 20-31 July 2020

Generic Specifications

Compliance C-ITS Security "version 1.3"
C-V2X Security
ETSI TS 103 097 v1.3.1 - Trust and Privacy Management
ETSI TS 102 941 v1.3.1 / v 1.2.1 - Security header and certificate formats
European C-ITS Trust Domain (ECTL, C-POC)
EU JRC C-ITS Security Policy
EU JRC C-ITS Certificate Policy
IEEE 1609.2-2016 - Security Services for Applications and Management Messages
C-ITS Security "version 1.2"
ETSI TS 103 097 v1.2.1
ETSI TS 102 941 v1.1.1
Ciphers ECDSA_nistP256_with_SHA256

PKI Specifications

Authorities Enrolment Authority (EA)
Authorization Authority (AA)
Root Certificate Authority (Root CA)
Distribution Centre (DC)
Trust List Manager (TLM)
Architecture Microservice with rich REST API
Deployment Containerization (Docker, LXC, ...)
On-premise on a physical hardware or a virtual machine(s)
PKI as a Service
Load balancing supported
High availability supported

ITS-S Security Module Specifications

Integration Microservice (Linux, Docker)
Library (Python, C)
ITS-S types OBU (On-board Unit)
RSU (Road-side Unit)
Networking ETSI ITS-G5 vehicular ad-hoc network (IEEE 802.11p)
Mobile/cellular network (3G, 4G/LTE, 5G)
Hybrid (cellular + G5)

Open C-ITS & C-V2X Test PKI

TeskaLabs provides FREE online continuously available C-ITS and C-V2X test PKI to support faster adoption of the security in the Vehicle-to-Anything communication (C2C, V2X, C-V2X) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

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European Certificate Trust List (ECTL) explorer

We provide a free online explorer of the European Certificate Trust List (ECTL). This means that you can navigate thru all Root CA, EA and AA certificates that are directly and indirectly enlisted on ECTL and investigate their details in a nice visual way.

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