Smartphone as a Security Token

Use your smartphone for secure authentication, next-gen logins and more.

We work hard to release Keyote for Windows and Linux soon.

The strongest security

Keyote is built by cyber security veterans, following standard authorized cryptography to give you the strongest possible protection.

No additional hardware

Everyone have a smartphone today, you don't need to have any additional hardware such as a USB token or smart card to be more secure.

Where is my key?

Software keys are easy to be copied and hence lost. Keyote stores keys in the phone security chip, effectively preventing their extraction.


You must authorize the use of keys with a biometry such as fingerprint, Face ID, etc. So even if the phone is lost or stolen, your keys are still safe.

next-gen logins

Passwords are dead.
People have to remember long passwords, and they have to change them frequently.
We believe that there is a simpler way how to login: a smartphone.
Contemporary mobile phones contain a powerful security chip, which in combination with a biometry authentication such as fingerprint or Face ID allows a user to login very securely and conveniently.

What people say


Desktop OS macOS
Windows (under construction)
Linux (under construction)
Mobile OS iOS
Android (under construction)
Interface PKCS#11
Cryptographic schemes EC
Supported applications OpenSSH
Connectivity Local network (zeroconf/Apple Bonjour/Avahi)
Bluetooth (under construction)
Internet (secure bouncer server)
Enterprise features Central Key Management (PKI)
Remove key wipe
Audit trail