We specialize in cybersecurity architecture for IoT, mobile, and web applications for companies both large and small.

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Why you need Security Architecture?

Failures in cybersecurity architecture are proven to be the most expensive to fix of all cybersecurity issues. Moreover, the industry is moving towards so-called “security by design”, where the cybersecurity architecture plays the primary role in the early stages of building your application. That ensures the overall compliance with cyber-security and data privacy regulations.


Security and data privacy by design approach

Ability for management to oversee and control cyber security risks

Compliance with cyber-security and data privacy regulations

System solutions for security weaknesses, and significant increase in the competence of the technical team in the field of cyber security

All Products & Services readied for cyber security and legal audits based on international standards (X.509, C-ITS, IEEE 1609-2) and regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO)

What you will get?

For a cyber security product to be sold and operated safely, it is essential that all legal and industry requirements are met. A high level of cyber security and data protection is moreover essential to keep sensitive data from becoming compromised.

  • Security architecture design according to international standards (X.509, C-ITS, IEEE 1609-2) and regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, ETSI)

  • Supervision while building an application or system so that cybersecurity requirements are understood and implemented correctly and efficiently

  • Optimal design of the security architecture, to both fulfil legislative requirements and correspond with your budget/business model

  • Comprehensive list of cybersecurity measures that your own developers can implement

  • Expert review of cyber-security and data privacy legislative requirements your product needs to meet

  • Review of proper implementation of cybersecurity requirements

  • Ad-hoc consultations and workshops with our cyber security architects

  • Significant increase in the expertise of your technical team in the realm of cyber security

  • Ability for management to oversee and control cyber security risks

Why TeskaLabs?

TeskaLabs provides cyber-security expertise to a wide range of industries. To learn more about our products and services, please visit the Reference page

  • Compliance with highest level of cybersecurity standards
  • Contributor to European cybersecurity standards
  • Expert knowledge of cryptographic standards
  • Technology proven by a track record of successful deliveries

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