Measure to Manage

Track every key indicator, and use these insights to better manage your POS system.

Monitor to Prevent

Detect issues early to fix them fast, and prevent any bigger problems from developing.

Improve to Grow

Keep improving and optimizing your POS system to skyrocket your growth.

Reference Customer Project

O2 eKasa

POS terminals: >20 000

Number of transactions: >50 000 000 per month

Customer: O2 Czech Republic a.s.

Year of implementation: 2016

The simplest solution for EET (Electronic Evidence of Sales)

The fastest selling POS system in the Czech Republic., a.s.
Radek Žert
Project Manager, O2 IT Services
Partnering with TeskaLabs was a very good decision for us. TeskaLabs' technology makes things easy for both our project and application development teams. They can focus on delivery of the project and developing the application without being burden with the implementation of application management measures.

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Web-based Interface

Manage your whole fleet of POS systems from the comfort of your browser. Share your findings with your team in a way that even less technical staff can understand.

Remote Access

Fix any issues remotely, without needing to physically access your POS systems. Give your users great support without ever leaving the office!

Strong Security

Meet all industry regulations, protect your users with authorized cryptography, and prevent hackers from exploiting your POS system to steal customer data or disrupt your businesses.

Monitoring and Analytics

TeskaLabs gives you total insight into your POS systems. With the right data, you can then make better management and operation decisions. You can also easily share this info with the right people.

Log Management

Tracking down user problems and issues is now made simple. Store, search, and view log events in real time. Analyze error messages, POS system transactions, network issues, database performance queries, configuration changes, and more.


Get notified on important events so you don’t miss anything that might have an impact on your POS system. Proactively react to any incidents and address possible intrusion attempts or technical downtimes.

Types POS system
Mobile cash register
Operating Systems Android
Integrate with Existing POS system
New POS system
Public app distribution compliance Apple App Store (iOS)
Google Play (Android)
Private or Enterprise app distribution Yes
Deployment options On-premise
Public cloud
Private cloud
Compliance PCI compliant
ISO 27001
EET (Electronic evidence of sales)
Log storage ElasticSearch
Telemetry storage InfluxDB
Available integrations SIEM
and many more...

Remote Access

Solve problems without ever having to leave the office.

Remote Access is specially designed to make interaction between customers and tech support easier than ever. IT can remotely support the customers anywhere and at any time and resolves issues quickly and simply.

Log management

Get better insights into issue patterns.

Visualize and analyze vast amounts of log data in charts, tables, or maps. That way, you can follow trends, detect and inspect incidents, and take actions more quickly.

Monitoring and Analytics

Build powerful and beautiful dashboards.

You have dashboards that make it easy to understand what is happening in your POS systems at a glance.

Start growing your POS business with TeskaLabs today

Recording electronic evidence of sales makes it easy to track your sales, comply with state laws, and more. Our solution makes the management of POS system a snap. Instead of letting unnecessary support and operation overheads hold you back, you can spend more time focusing on growing your business successfully.