Complete visibility

Full visibility across the mobile operation is an important aspect under GDPR. You can’t detect potential problems if you can’t see them. If you can't detect, you can't act fast enough or fail to act at all.

Timely detection and investigation

Having visibility helps you detect issues in case of security incidents. Knowing if and how much of your sensitive data has been breached helps you determine whether you can fix issues or have to report the incidents to authority.

Incident responses

Improving the security posture of your mobile app is only the beginning to meet GDPR requirements. Organizations also need to have sound incident response mechanisms in place to ensure quick and proper responses during security incidents.

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What We Provide

Mobile app security audit

Mobile apps are the new vulnerable points and prime targets for hackers looking to disrupt your business or steal sensitive information. We uncover vulnerabilities of your app so that you have visibility of the risk and assess your compliance.

App hardening

Knowing the risk is only half the work. The goal is to mitigate and eliminate that risk. We provide a quick and cost-effective way to boost the security of your mobile apps and give you complete visibility of the app operation.


Mobile application security creates new types of threats and challenges, and we provide the expertise in this new domain. Our team provides consultancy services in areas such as Mobile Application Security, Code Review, Training and others to help you get ready and comply with GDPR.

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