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Why a Mobile App Security Audit?

Detect your vulnerabilities

You may not be aware when cyberattacks are causing damage in your systems. With our mobile app security audit and penetration testing, you can discover vulnerabilities in your app, foresee upcoming attacks and combat them.

Launch your app securely

Before going live, the app must adhere to user, technical, security and operational standards. By auditing and testing your mobile app, you can go live securely, and with peace of mind.

Get in compliance

How can you be sure that your mobile app is secure, and that your company is adhering to security standards and industry regulations? Security threats are complicated and obscure, so mobile app security measures are often neglected. Compliance of your Android and iOS apps is easy to obtain with our security audit and penetration testing.

Prevent costly cyber attacks

Detecting and repairing technical problems early on ensures your reputation and credibility with your customers. By performing security audit and penetration testing you avoid unnecessary expenditures on IT, legal, PR and other areas affected by issues that come with a breach.

Alan Watson
CTO, 123 Friday
TeskaLabs delivered clear and actionable results with their security audit and provided high-quality service. The team is knowledgeable of critical and emerging threats, extremely responsive and professional. They understood our business needs; but more importantly, they helped us align risk management with our commercial strategy.
Marek Beniak
CTO, Heureka
Even though they work for big companies we were able to establish personal cooperation without hassle. TeskaLabs guides us through secure and scalable mobile app development.
Radek Žert
Project Manager, O2 IT Services
Partnering with TeskaLabs was a very good decision for us. TeskaLabs' security solution makes things easy for both our project and application development teams. They can focus on delivery of the project and development of the application without being burdened with the implementation of application security measures.

Based on our experience, each mobile application in average contains 1.7 critical vulnerabilities. This means that if you are running a mobile application and it has not been audited yet, it very likely contains a critical vulnerability, which can damage your company. Don’t be vulnerable to cyber attackers. Get a security audit now!

What You’ll Receive in Mobile Application Security Audit

Our Mobile App Security Audit is holistic. Our security experts thoroughly research the mobile app to locate the most important security issues. We do a comprehensive assessment of your architecture, review your coding and conduct penetration testing. Then we provide you with a complete audit report featuring all uncovered vulnerabilities, and best practices to repair such issues.

At the moment your audit is initialised, you’ll be matched with a dedicated team (an experienced security auditor and architect, iOS/Android developer, and penetration tester). We will assess your mobile app security requirements and conduct the comprehensive security audit procedure.

You will receive:

  • Security evaluation of the architectonic design
  • Manual source code review
  • Review of cryptography
  • Mobile application client and mobile application server penetration testing based on OWASP Mobile methods
    • Security of data transmissions and network communications.
    • Continuing data analysis of local storage and caching (usernames, passwords, PII, and other personal data).
    • Incomplete authorization from mobile client to backend systems.
    • Tests to prevent session hijacking.
    • And much more.
  • Mobile app secure data storage assessments
  • Mobile app operating system hardening
  • Detailed report containing all findings and best practices for repair
  • Assessment of regulation compliance within your industry (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, etc,.)
  • Consultancy on methods to repair any found vulnerabilities
  • Official certificate verifying the security level of the application

Get a free sample of mobile application security audit and penetration testing report

Once you submit the contact details you will be sent an email with a sample mobile application security audit and penetration testing report.

We promise we will never share this with anyone!

Or email us to learn more about how TeskaLabs can help strengthen the security level of your mobile app.


How the Security Audit Works

1. Meet our security expert

At the moment your audit is initialised, you’ll be matched with a dedicated team (an experienced security auditor and architect, iOS/Android developer, and penetration tester). We will assess your mobile app security requirements as well as the industry standards you must be in compliance with (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, etc.).

2. Architecture review

An experienced security architect will review your application, all its components and infrastructure. He will also review development and operation processes, because a majority of cyber-security and data privacy breaches originates through human error.

3. Source code review

The next step is dedicated to manual source code review. We will study every line of your application source code and look for a variety of security issues and other glitches.

4. Penetration testing

What follows is a penetration test - and this one is a special one - since we know your app very well by now, we can test it with the extreme precision. It is called white box penetration testing and it gives you much higher value for money when compared to common black box penetration testing (See below for a detailed explanation).

5. Get a report

You will be provided with a comprehensive security audit report containing all findings and best practices for repair.

6. Fix all vulnerabilities

We will help you resolve all issues to prevent security breaches that can negatively impact your reputation and credibility. After you implement these measures, we would be happy to do a re-test of your application to make sure it is truly secure.

7. Get a certificate

TeskaLabs will issue an official certificate describing the security state of your application, which you can display for your clients and partners.

TeskaLabs complete cyber-security audit includes white box penetration testing, and it gives you much greater value for your money when compared to common black box penetration testing.

White Box vs. Black Box Penetration Testing

In black box penetration testing, the tester is in the position of a hacker who is attacking an unknown application. The quality of black box penetration testing thus fully depends on the limited capabilities of the penetration tester.

Some security errors simply cannot be detected through this process. Moreover, a large amount of data leakage is caused by former or current employees who have knowledge of the internal environment and knowledge of the application. Such employees have a keener awareness of security imperfections and can use that knowledge to exploit these weaknesses.

White box testing (which we do in the audit) is carried out after a thorough examination of the interior of the application. During our review of the architecture and source code, we will detect all the security imperfections and this makes the following penetration test much more effective. This means the result is more comprehensive, and the customer will gain much more value for the money.

Best Practices and Security Standards You Can Rely On

Our mobile app security audits and penetration testings comply with industry standards and adhere to best practices, including: CWE SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, CWE SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, NIST, and ISO 27001.

We also use the most mobile app security testing tools to detect all potential mobile application vulnerabilities, such as: OWASP Zed Attack Proxy, OpenVAS, SQLMap, Burp Suite, Kali Linux.

OWASP - TeskaLabs Mobile App Security Audit

OWASP Methodology
OWASP Mobile
OWASP Top 10

ISO 27001 - TeskaLabs Mobile App Security Audit

ISO 27001 Standard

SANS CWE - TeskaLabs Mobile App Security Audit

CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors

NIST - TeskaLabs Mobile App Security Audit

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

TeskaLabs mobile application security audit and penetration testing is a proven and trusted support for both large corporations and small businesses in finance, insurance, health care and other industries.
TeskaLabs audits has been widely accepted by corporate cyber-security auditors and data privacy officers.

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