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Strong cyber security

Build and operate the app free from any cyber-security incident. SeaCat is a cyber-security platform created by experts, and it features all cyber-security and data privacy must-haves.

Fast deployment

SeaCat deployment is smooth and hassle-free. SeaCat increases your security level instantly, with no need for custom development.

Reasonable investment

Building a secure mobile application can be a tedious and costly journey. Get the best cyber-security protection for a fraction of the cost of in-house development. SeaCat is a cost-effective choice.

Reliable technology

SeaCat is used on tens of thousands of devices every day. We protect applications in telco, retail, healthcare, automotive and more.

Seamless user experience

Cyber-security should not come at the cost of the user experience. SeaCat requires no pesky configurations or procedures on the part of the user; SeaCat employs all modern cyber-security features, such as biometrical authorization, and hardware security modules.

Open platform

Build and operate your own applications freely, without a vendor lock, or any limitations. SeaCat is the cyber-security platform that allows you to benefit from the latest cyber-security advances while you are focused on functions of your application.

Jan Caboun
Senior Project Manager, Principal engineering
We develop software for healthcare industry, both for hospitals and private companies. We have chosen MediCat as a security technology for our mobile applications because it ensures strong protection of sensitive data.
Radek Žert
Project Manager, O2 IT Services
Partnering with TeskaLabs was a very good decision for us. TeskaLabs' security solution makes things easy for both our project and application development teams. They can focus on delivery of the project and developing the application without being burden with the implementation of application security measures.
Tomas Budnik
CEO & Chairman of the Board, O2 Czech Republic
We use TeskaLabs’ technology
in O2 Czech Republic in several key areas.

How is SeaCat used

Cyber security for medical mobile applications

IKEM, a major Czech hospital, and the largest center of clinical and experimental medicine in the Czech Republic, operates a mobile application for doctors. The mobile application provides doctors with access to patients' data, so that they can work more efficiently. The application contains very sensitive data, and therefore security is a very important element.

SeaCat covers all cyber security and regulatory requirements, and moreover, it's very easy to integrate. IKEM is so confident with SeaCat that it is now deploying our product to the third mobile application.

For more information see SeaCat for healthcare.

Cyber security and management for Point of Sale (POS) system/cash registers

O2, the major mobile operator, offers a mobile cash register called eKasa, that is designed for shops and restaurants. O2 is one of the largest providers of mobile cash registers in the Czech Republic with more than ten thousand of these units in operation. eKasa cash registers are android tablets that run mobile applications.

The SeaCat product is in deployed within each of these cash registers.

  • SeaCat ensures that eKasa communication with the data center is secure.
  • At the same time, SeaCat is integrated with the O2 Security Expert Center, which together allows them to monitor all security and operational events 24/7.
  • Seacat also allows eKasa to log all online transactions. This means that in the case of any security incident, there is an audit log that traces back to exactly where the error occurred.

For more information see SeaCat for Point of Sale (POS) system/cash registers.

Cyber security for automotive project C-ROADS

C-ROADS, a European Union project concerning road and motorway operators, is a technology platform that allows road vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure. To illustrate how this technology works in practical terms: when there is an ambulance behind another car on a highway, a notification is posted on the car's dashboard. Or, when a car arrives at a rail crossing, a notification is sent, when a train is about to pass.

TeskaLabs is part of a consortium that has prepared a pilot deployment of C-ROADS platform. TeskaLabs partners with O2, Skoda auto and the headquarters of roads and motorways and other companies. TeskaLabs has been chosen as the cyber security supplier for all communications between cars and infrastructure.

TeskaLabs has been chosen because SeaCat is highly scalable (C-ROADS has to work for many millions of cars across Europe), and, as importantly, SeaCat meets all the security standards and is easy to implement. The pilot project has already been deployed.

For more information see C-ROADS project press release.

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