"SeaCat covers all cyber-security and data-privacy requirements for the fraction of the cost of in-house development. Moreover, it’s very easy to implement." IT Director, Major Czech hospital


Strong cyber security

Build and operate the app free from any cyber-security incident. SeaCat is a cyber-security platform created by experts, and it features all cyber-security and data privacy must-haves.

Fast deployment

SeaCat deployment is smooth and hassle-free. SeaCat improves your security level instantly, with no need for custom development.

Seamless user experience

Cyber-security should not come at the cost of the user experience. SeaCat requires no pesky configurations or procedures on the part of the user; SeaCat employs all modern cyber-security features, such as biometrical authorization,  and hardware security modules.

The story of secure mobile application

Success stories

The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) is the largest specialized clinical and science & research institute in the Czech Republic. IKEM uses SeaCat to secure four mobile applications in their hospital. The main benefits are smooth integration, strong cyber-security and compliance with health care regulations.

O2 Czech Republic is the major telecommunications provider in CEE. O2 Czech Republic uses SeaCat to secure tens of thousand Point-of-Sale (PoS) applications.

C-ROADS is a European Union initiative to introduce a common standard of how cars will communicate among each other. SeaCat has been chosen as a cyber-security platform for nation-wide pilot deployment in the Czech Republic. We partner with: Skoda (Volkswagen group), T-Mobile, O2 and others to deliver this project.

Petr Raska
Head of IT, IKEM
We use TeskaLabs’ SeaCat to secure four mobile applications in our hospital. The main benefits are smooth integration, strong security and compliance with health care regulations.
Tomas Budnik
CEO & Chairman of the Board, O2 Czech Republic
We use TeskaLabs’ technology in O2 Czech Republic in several key areas.


SeaCat cyber-security platform consists of a SeaCat SDK that is to be added into an mobile or IoT application, the SeaCat Gateway that is to be installed into demilitarized zone (DMZ) in front of the application backend servers and SeaCat PKI that is a service that provides enrolment, access and identity management. It is designed to be transparent to a mobile application developers, easily operable by sysadmins and to provide maximum visibility for cybersecurity teams.


Operating System Mobile
Central infrastructure
Public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, ...)
Private cloud (Docker, Kubrnetes, Virtual machines)
Security Authorized cryptography
X509, C-ITS
Secure data transfer (data in transit)
Secure storage on a mobile device (data at rest)
Strongest possible level of security even on old version of operating system
Private keys saved in HSM (Hardware Security Module) if it is supported by the device
Automated recognition that detects whether mobile device contains HSM (Hardware Security Module)
Audit trail
Mutual SSL/TLS authorization
Customizable user authentication
Seamless links with existing user accounts
Compatible with LDAP, Active Directory
Biometric authentication
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Simple onboarding/enrollment process, fully automated for users
Application management Works on unmanaged mobile devices,
or with Mobile Device Management (MDM) is needed
Remote application management (e.g. denial of access to sensitive information in case of lost device)
User experience Seamless user experience
Designed for use by non-educated users
No disruption by security technology
No impact on productivity
No impact on speed
Secure screen share and remote access e.g. for technical/customer support (optional)
Regulations compliance GDPR compliant
Performance Load balancing
High availability
Low network communication overhead
Deployment Works on public and private clouds, and on premises
Apps deployable via public app stores
All major mobile Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and platforms (Xamarin, PhoneGap and more)
Compatible with all enterprise mobility policies, (e.g., BYOD, COPE)

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