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TeskaLabs mobile app security for retail industry

Protect customer information from unauthorized access

Fraudsters exploit mobile point-of-sale apps to steal sensitive personal information such as credit/debit cards and steal money through them. Naturally, this not only leads to financial loss for unsuspecting customers but could also negatively affect their credit scores. Compromised retailers also suffer the consequences of point-of-sale hacks - not only will they lose business, but they could also face legal action. Combatting such fraud is of vital importance to retailers because of the enormous impact it can have on them and their customers. Fortunately, our mobile app security technology helps identify suspicious and fraudulent mobile POS transactions and protects customers’ sensitive data.

TeskaLabs mobile app security retail industry

Proactively detect and isolate mobile point-of-sale malware

Mobile point-of-sale malware is becoming a big source of stolen payment cards for cybercriminals. They use malware to gain access to customers and business accounts and steal important data and money. Businesses are vulnerable to point-of-sale malware attacks and remain so until they implement security technologies to harden their POS application. Our mobile app security technology detects malware, rooted/jailbroken mobile devices, tampering and more, to warn retailers and their POS providers when it is not safe to use these mobile POS devices for making payments or performing other electronic transactions.

TeskaLabs mobile app security retail industry

Prevent damage to business systems by keeping hackers out of the data center

A POS application running on a smartphone or a tablet is only one component in a full POS system. Most data transactions are processed at the server side; thus, the entry point from a mobile system to the server side is a favorite door for cyberattackers to further attack internal business systems. Once inside, attackers may gain access to not one POS application but to all POS applications managed by the retailer in different locations. Exploiting the entry point is a common method of attack, which has resulted in known large-scale breaches and negatively affected the reputation of countless businesses. Protection this entry point is important, and backend business systems need to be isolated from the internet. Our mobile app security technology shields these systems from direct internet exposure, and records and stops potentially fraudulent connection attempts. Retailers can, therefore, operate mobile POS apps without having to worry about having their internal business systems hacked.

TeskaLabs mobile app security retail industry

Avoid business disruption caused by poor unavailability of point-of-sale applications

Retailers not only want their business and customer data safe within the POS application but also expect no disruption to their business caused by POS app-related cyberattacks or technical downtimes. Retailers and POS providers want to operate POS applications in a secure, reliable manner and stop attacks before they happen. Our mobile app security technology allows IT personnel at the retailers or POS providers to monitor application-related activities, detect threats, keep visibility of security incidents and provide real-time response to any problems. Having a reliable security monitoring and incident response service in place gives retailers a peace of mind as they process customer transactions via POS apps.

Don’t risk your reputation and customer finance information with an unsecure point-of-sale app - secure your mobile POS app today before it gets hacked.

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