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Everything you're familiar with about Oracle Business Intelligence, available now on your mobile devices, you and your team can work faster with your data, with built-in security, to comply with standards required by your enterprise.

Right for any enterprise mobility strategy

It doesn't matter who owns or controls the device.
Your BI data is safe.

  • BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • COPE (Corporate own personal equipped)
  • CO (Corporate own)
  • Contractor
  • Customers

Why secure Oracle BI Mobile HD?

Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Mobile HD is a mobile application provided by Oracle for viewing and accessing Oracle BI content from iPads and iPhones. Users can access the dashboards, scorecards, and BI reports in the same way as they normally do from desk or laptop computers and web browsers.

The app, by itself, is not secure enough to comply with strict security standards required by businesses in certain domains. To address this challenge, Oracle provides the Oracle BI Mobile Security Toolkit for customers who need higher levels of security. This allows them to integrate Oracle BI mobile application with their chosen mobile security solution.

SeaCat Mobile Secure Gateway

Security that’s built for enterprises

Ensure end-to-end protection of your key business metrics at every step, from the Oracle BI server, to the Internet, and all the way down to the dashboards, scorecards, and reports on your iPad or iPhone. Send and receive critical information about your business without compromising its confidentiality.

Enhanced user experience

Get to your reports and dashboards easily and quickly without going through several login prompts in a row. You don't need to install any app or start/stop any service to trigger the security protection from SeaCat. A good mobile security solution should enhance and not disrupt your workflow, wherever you are.

Scale with your business to handle mobile traffic growth

SeaCat allows large-scale deployment to support your growth and team expansion. It doesn't matter whether you have 10 or 10 million users.

Instantly integrate with your IT infrastructure

Get your Oracle BI app secured now, in minutes, not months. SeaCat integrates seamlessly with Oracle BI Mobile Security ToolKit and existing IT infrastructure; it requires no additional development.

In compliance with

SeaCat uses FIPS-20 and HIPAA approved algorithms. Oracle BI mobile app, enabled by SeaCat, can be used even in segments with the highest security requirements.

FIPS 140-2
ISO 27001:2013

Insights and decisions at your fingertips, securely!