IoT Device Management

Tame your connected devices!

IoT and connected devices.


Manage your connected product from a central place.


Access your remote devices using your favourite tools.


Monitor your fleet of connected devices using powerful dashboards.

Automated Updates

Automate your updates to fix bugs, roll our new features or patch security swifly.

Strong Security

Protect users with an authorized cryptography and comply with regulations.


Complementary SSL VPN for all your devices including automated certificates renewals.

API Protection

Hide your APIs from a direct Internet exposure and know exactly who is using them and how.

Malware Detection

Ensure your devices are malware-free and prevent hackers from controlling and make them part of a botnet.


Get notified so you don't miss a thing by automated alerting service. React to any incident proactively and address possible intrusion attempts or downtimes.


Integrate with your existing SIEM, identity management, log collectors, intrusion detection systems, and more.


HTTP, MQTT, SSH, VNC, TCP/IP, Syslog, LDAP, CEF ... anything you need!

Log Management

Store, view, analyze, search and tail log events in realtime. Track down user problems, error messages, network issues or slow queries.

And more ... is a security-first SaaS technology to operate your IoT products in a reliable, scalable and secure manner. Discover valuable insights from your products together with the high protection of your users, business, and data.


Czech Republic a.s.

The administration web portal

Interactive Location Map

Handy Remote Access

Powerfull Dashboards

Questions and Answers

Will you offer any free tier?
Yes, we plan to offer up to 5 devices for free. It should be enough for hobbyists and home users.
What will be a final product pricing?
We work hard to aim for a price of $10 per device per year.
What type of connected devices supports?
Basically anything that runs Linux: Raspberry Pi, Beagleboards, ALIX and also any kind of industrial IoT devices such as Cisco 800 and 900 Series Industrial Routers.
We are bootstrapped startup, is this product for us?
Contact us and we'll work with you.

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