TeskaLabs mobile app security for SaaS industry

Secure the trust of enterprise clients

Mobile SaaS apps have evolved to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have evolved with them. As beneficial as cloud and mobile SaaS are, they come with cyber security issues that are always changing. Enterprises clients are concerned about identity and data theft on their mobile apps. Establishing confidence about mobile SaaS app security is a vital step making sure people continue to use them. By correctly implementing application security measures and regularly tracking online activity, it is feasible to catch and stop cyber criminals, quickly respond to their attacks, and prevent attacks from spreading. Our mobile app security technology allows security and IT personnel to monitor all user requests and activity, and as such, can block suspicious user requests before cyber disasters take place. By implementing these steps, SaaS organizations become proactive and reduce security risks. This, in turn, will boost client confidence, encouraging them to keep using mobile SaaS apps.

TeskaLabs mobile app security for SaaS industry

Protect users and their data on any network

The entire software-as-a-service environment is meant to be accessed over the Internet. And that can’t be more true for mobile SaaS. Those who use mobile SaaS apps over public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, malls, and hotels are marks for cyber criminals. For example, a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack allows a hacker to hijack a user’s connection, modify their username and password, and access their business and personal accounts. Our in-app VPN uses strong encryption to safeguard data sent over user mobile apps and backend enterprise systems. As such, online activity remains secure, especially over public Wi-Fi connections.

TeskaLabs mobile app security for SaaS industry

Prevent cyber criminals from accessing the cloud’s data center

A mobile SaaS app accessed on a smartphone or tablet is the lone component in a complete cloud IT foundation. Most transactions happen through the cloud’s server side. Therefore, the entry point from a mobile app to the cloud is alluring for cyber criminals to attempt to breach. Once successfully hacked, cyber criminals can access all enterprise business systems. Manipulating the entry point is a common method for an attack, and has produced several big breaches of well-known companies. Shielding those entry points is critical, and backend enterprise business systems have to be isolated. Our mobile app security technology protects these systems from direct exposure, monitoring and stopping unauthorized entry attempts. By doing so, SaaS organizations can run their mobile apps without worrying about the security of their internal business systems.

TeskaLabs mobile app security for SaaS industry

Maintain service during a (D)DoS attack and bypass service disruptions

SLAs drive software-as-a-service business. Disruptions to service are very inconvenient to users and make them frustrated enough to switch over to competitors. SaaS organizations sell the idea of convenience through the use of mobile apps, which allows users to conduct business over mobile platforms just as easily as they would on the interfaces of their PCs. However, by doing so, they offer another point of attack for hackers. (D)DoS attacks substantially affect the company and interrupt the habits and routines of millions of users. Unlike other cyber attacks, the impact of a (D)DoS attack is felt right away. With 24/7 tracking and real-time incident responses, SaaS organizations, using our technology, can stop illegal access to the service. Attackers can’t access or scan the service to execute a (D)DoS attack. With a reliable incident response and security monitoring capability in place, SaaS organizations can confidently operate SaaS business mobile apps and reap the benefits of the cloud and mobile.

Don’t risk your client’s information or your own reputation - safeguard your mobile app immediately, instead of being forced to after an attack happens.

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