Mobile App Security for hospitality and travel industry

Proactively detect and isolate fraudulent transactions

When hackers and cyber-criminals gain entry to customer accounts through unsecured mobile apps, they steal private data, including debit/credit card numbers and personal identification to commit fraud. Fighting such online fraud is of paramount importance to travel and hospitality service providers, since it negatively affects their revenue. Our mobile app security technology identifies fraudulent and suspicious transactions done via the mobile apps, not only keeping customer information safe but also protecting the business revenue stream.

Mobile App Security for hospitality and travel industry

Establish customer trust and encourage use of mobile apps

Concerns about security threats, including unauthorized credit/debit card transactions and identity theft, make customers reluctant to give out their financial information to reserve hotel rooms or buy tickets via mobile apps. This can stop mobile apps from being used, which is detrimental to revenue generation for the hospitality and travel industry. With our security technology, travel and hospitality companies can persuade customers to use their mobile apps rather than physically attending stores, in order to increase revenue and reduce operating expenses. With cutting-edge mobile application security technology, businesses can track transactions on mobile apps 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They can catch attempted network attacks, and take steps to prevent such ordeals, such as contacting users, disabling the app completely. By taking such measures, travel and hospitality service providers reassure customers about the safety of their private data and encourage further use of their apps.

Mobile App Security for hospitality and travel industry

Strong cryptography protects customers on hostile networks

When people use mobile apps in public areas that offer free Wi-Fi, such as hotels, restaurants or cafes, they become easy prey for cyber criminals. One attack in particular, known as MitM (Man-in-the-Middle), allows a hacker to intercept a user’s connection, tweak his login credentials and then access their private data. Our in-app VPN uses strong encryption to protect flowing data between the user mobile app and the backend business system, ensuring safe usage over public WIFI.

Mobile App Security for hospitality and travel industry

Shield business system APIs and authorize only trusted mobile apps

APIs managed by travel and hospitality service providers have become easy targets as preferred entry points for hackers to further continue attacking other internal business systems from these entry points. Exploiting APIs is an attacking method that has produced large-scale breaches, ruining the reputations of many companies. Our mobile app security technology shields APIs from direct Internet exposure, stopping and recording illegal connection attempts. This gives hospitality and travel service providers the ability to run mobile apps without concerns about their API’s security.

Don’t put your reputation and customer information at risk. Protect your revenue stream via your app by securing it from hacks.

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