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Even though they work for big companies we were able to establish personal cooperation without hassle. Teskalabs guides us through secure and scalable mobile app development. We’re quite sure that without their help, we wouldn’t be able to dodge as many potential problems and threats on the first go.
Mobile app security for eCommerce industry

Assertively isolate and detect fraudulent transactions

When cyber-criminals and hackers access customer accounts through susceptible assess points on mobile apps, they swipe private data, such as contact information and credit/debit card numbers, in order to commit fraud. Businesses who have been compromised by a hack face harsh ramifications from such breaches - their sales will suffer, and they could be threatened with legal action. Combating online fraud is of utmost importance to eCommerce organizations. Our mobile app security technology recognizes suspicious and fraudulent transactions happening on mobile shopping apps, and protects both the customer’s details and the company’s source of income.

Mobile app security for eCommerce industry

Powerful cryptography safeguards customers on hostile networks

Users of mobile apps who use public Wi-Fi hotspots in malls, coffee shops and hotels are easy pickings for hackers. For example, a MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack allows a cyber-criminal to hijack a user’s connection, alter login credentials, and gain entry to personal online accounts, most of which show email addresses, residential addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and the like. Our mobile app security technology creates an in-app VPN and uses powerful encryption to shield data transmitted between the backend business systems and the user mobile app, keeping any activity over the internet secure, especially over public Wi-Fi.

Mobile app security for eCommerce industry

Prevent hackers from accessing customer and business data

An mobile shopping app operating on a tablet or smartphone is a singular element in the complete infrastructure of IT. Many transactions take place at the server side; and as such, the access point from a mobile app to the server side is popular for hackers to try and breach. After a successful hack, cyber criminals might access all business systems. Manipulating the access point is a typical approach to an attack, and has resulted in many large breaches of well-known companies, forever tarnishing their reputations. Protecting such access points is critical, and backend business systems must be kept separate on the internet. Our mobile app security technology guards these systems from direct exposure, monitoring and preventing illegal entry attempts. In doing so, eCommerce companies are able to run their mobile apps without being concerned about the security of their internal business systems.

Mobile app security for eCommerce industry

Prepare for and avoid impact by security incidents

eCommerce companies expect their data to be kept secure while their mobile applications are in use, and want them to operate reliably and safely, without having to worry about cyber criminals and hackers. Without 24/7 tracking, it isn’t feasible to catch questionable activity, isolate potential threats, and immediately handle to cyber attacks. With our mobile app security technology, system operators and administrators can detect threats, track system-related activities, provide real-time response to any problems, and record security incidents. Having a trustworthy security monitoring and incident response services in place gives eCommerce companies plenty of confidence and comfort.

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