A Year in Review: The A to Z of TeskaLabs in 2016

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it would be fitting to look back and highlight the moments, people, and things that mattered most to us.

Here is the A to Z of TeskaLab in 2016.

A for Admin Panel

TeskaLabs' 1st web-based product which allows IT support to manage, monitor and control apps secured by our technology. (Thank Miloslav Pavelka, the technical wizard) [Who is Mila?]

B for B2B Sale

It's still a pain, but we're getting better at it. In one deal, we reduced the sales cycle from a typical eight months to 1 year down to less than a month. (Thank Pavel Enderle, the sale hacker) [Who is Pavel?]

C for Cisco Solution Partner

Finally, we did it. We achieved Cisco Solution Partner status and now work towards the Preferred Solution Partner level. The Cisco folks from the IDEALondon program are absolutely the best. [Read more]

D for DAM

Damn IT! While most companies have one DAM ( Digital Asset Management) strategy, we have two. The second DAM (Cindy Dam) controls the first. ;-) [Who is DAM?]

E for Execution

Execute fast! It's our motto. We try to do everything fast. (cc Max Kelly, MD of Techstars London )

F for Fintech Times

Fintech Times, the first and only newspaper dedicated to Fintech news, featured the story about TeskaLabs's being ranked in the top 1% of startups rated by Early Metrics, an independent rating agency. [Read more]

G for GDPR

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a new EU regulation aiming to protect the personal data of EU citizens. Under GDPR rules, virtually all businesses will be affected. We're prepared to help companies operating mobile apps find out if they are impacted by GDPR. [Find out how]

H for Hackers

They have won big time this year as 2016 is the year of security breaches. That's why we're here to make 2017 the year of something else instead.

I for IoT Device Management

Two weeks ago, we launched the newest product of the Internet of Things which help you tames all your connected devices. Grab your spot in our beta launch planned for Q1 2017 now. [Read more]

J for Joy

After all the hard work she’s pulled this year, our COO, Vladimira Teskova, finally can have some moment of joy with her cats. [Who is Vladka?]

K for KPMG's Best British Mobile Startup 2016

Selected as a finalist to present TeskaLabs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. [Read more]

L for London

London is practically our new home now.

M for Mobile Application Security

We have tried and tested many different things and created different products and services since when we first started. However, one thing remains the same: mobile application security, our core technology and our beginning, protecting businesses from being hacked through their own mobile applications. [Learn about technology]

N for Network Edge

Our technology can secure endpoints closer to the network edge not just on the application level. With the closer collaboration with Cisco through the IDEALondon and Cisco Solution Partner programs, we can accelerate this capability by combining products in our portfolios.

O for O2

We scored the biggest deal of the year with O2 and also inked an important strategic partnership agreement with them. Not only O2 is our customer, they will also offer our technology to their enterprise clients. [Read the customer success story]

P for Point of Sale (POS)

We helped O2 build and operate a POS app, eKasa, which is currently the most successful POS app on the Czech EET market. At the time being, O2 has 25% of this market. [Read story]

Q for Quality

Quality is a priority in our company from the products we build to the services we deliver to our customers. You have Ales Teska, CEO and founder of TeskaLabs, to blame for that. ;-) [Who is Ales?]

R for Remote Access

We went ahead of schedule with the development and delivery of Remote Access, a killer feature we recently released to O2. With Remote Access, IT support can quickly assist app users by remotely accessing and solving user issues without the need to go anywhere. [See our new web]

S for Security

Security is the new sexy. Everything we've done this year centers around security. We started offering Mobile App Security Audit service. We finalized on the concept of Software Defined Network (SDN). We collaborate with O2 on the Security Operation Center (SOC) model. (Thank Jiri Kohout, the hacker who stops other hackers) [Who is Jiri?]

T for Telemetry

Telemetry is important to gain operational visibility and respond to cyber security incidents quickly. It's a cornerstone to achieving excellent service quality and building flawless cybersecurity solutions.

U for University College of London (UCL)

UCL is another sponsor of the IDEALondon program together with Cisco, and we'd like to highlight their support here.

V for Visibility

To fix a problem, you need to know that you have a problem. TeskaLabs's Monitoring service provide the much needed visibility into apps and systems secured by our technology so that companies know who's doing what to their applications and systems.

W for We Secure Mobile Apps

We launched the "We Secure Mobile Apps" program early this year with the intention to focus more on the productization of our services and products and lower the portion of consultancy sales. The new approach worked really well. We also changed our home page to reflect the new "We secure mobile apps" approach. [What we do?]

X for Xmas

Thank God It's finally Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

Y for You

Of course, we couldn't have achieved all this without you, our partners, advisors, mentors, customers, friends, and family.

Z for Zero breach

There is no breach to apps and products protected by our technology. 2016 is the year of security breaches for other companies, but not for us.

We are happy to be kicking off 2017 knowing that you are in our circle and can't wait to celebrate more successes and share good news with you in the new year! Looking forward to our next big adventure in 2017! ​

About the Author

Cindy Dam

TeskaLabs’ Marketing & Community Manager, Cindy Dam, has a penchant for hacking and storytelling. When she's not reading and writing about cyber hacking, she reads, writes, and comes up with mind and travel hacks.

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