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Customer interview: Read how Prodvinalco uses for a file encryption

Prodvinalco is a Romanian company from Food and Beverage industry. They became our client using for data encryption. We've decided to interview Vlad Toma, an IT Manager who was responsible for this product choice.

Vlad, thank you for having this interview with us. Let me start with a simple question. Why did you choose

Well, the necessity came obviously from the GDPR perspective. It is not compulsory but it is recommended and it is good to have an encryption solution for your files. is good because it is safe and because it's easy to use—that’s the most important part because not everybody knows how to use software and we needed something really simple. I just send every manager that uses the files we encrypt the link to put it in the bookmarks page and, every time they need to use it, they just press on encrypt/decrypt and it's just as easy as that.

It’s great for non-technical people. How do you like the user interface?

It's very simple, you just need to press whatever you need before working. Decrypt before you start working with files and encrypt after that.

When somebody was working on a file and then another one finished their work up and encrypted the files my main worry was the open file would be corrupted or something because one user is still working and the other user just finished, closed their session, and encrypted all the files. To my surprise, there are no issues.

You mentioned that you saw some other tools. What were the differences?

The other tool was a bit more complex but the main thing that it was doing was basically the same. I haven't researched too much because when I saw their price tag I was just like, “No, thank you.” But I've seen the other software and it's complex, like unnecessarily complex.

Have you seen any other tools?

No, I haven't because I think I saw three products, the expensive one, other one, and then I saw, which looked perfect.

What is the exact use case? You have one folder with documents about your clients and you are encrypting the folder?

Yes, everything that is GDPR sensitive. Within our production folder, we have a folder that is named GDPR. Every department just created their departments again within that folder. So we have IT, production, supply chain, and other things like that and we put the things that are sensitive in there. We encrypt it and it helps with compliance. We also have file security, sharing permissions, and now encryption of the files. If there is a leak in the future, they can’t do anything with those files because they are encrypted. It's no danger for us or for our clients—it’s simple.

Did your clients ask you to be GDPR compliant or did you do it on your own?

We did it on our own. We felt is was very important to keep our clients’ information as safe as possible.

Do you have any other comments? is simple and it does what it needs to do, and it is very important that it’s easy to use for non-technical people because not everybody works in IT. You know how hard it is to get non-technical people to do something even a little bit technical. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product.

Thank you.

Feel free to check out a product page of for encryption at:

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