Developers and Industry - The Two Worlds That Should Get Acquainted

In the last few months, I’ve spent a great deal of my time in meetings, discussing with, and learning from a number of disparate individuals. The group included executives, managers, consultants, IT specialists, and developers. I have noticed something both interesting and vital. My urge is to share these insights with you, allowing you arrived at the same startling conclusions that I did.

Today I present a story about two very different worlds; two worlds that should be cordially introduced. The possibility of cooperative growth is remarkable and yet this area remains largely untapped.

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World #1: Mobile application developers

Today the mobile application development business is booming. Mobile is the new cool, and every other kid knows, or wants to know, how to develop a mobile app. With the rate we're achieving now, we will soon have an app for nearly every situation in our life.

On the other hand, this world is full of mobile app development agencies and independent developers dreaming of building the next Uber, Tinder, or Snapchat. Clearly this is why it is going to be challenging to succeed; the market will remain highly competitive.

So how about exploring other possibilities? It is time to scout for a new playing field; one that is open to whomever wants to play on it. With that, I'm going to introduce you to the second group. It might not be as exciting and as sexy as those “bleeding edge” app developers. Hey, it might actually be quite dull, but in its own way it’s no less important. We need to look at the economic backbone of our society.


World #2: Manufacturers, Logistics Enterprises, Utilities, and Industrial Companies

These large organizations and companies are facing serious challenges, such as workforce and process optimization, cost reduction, and even implementing sophisticated automation, amongst many other concerns. Most of these challenges can be addressed by technology such as smart devices and custom-built applications.

Adoption of new technologies can be quite arduous and expensive without the right partner to help you. This is currently the biggest barrier to implementing such innovations. Clearly it is time for these two worlds to shake hands and do business together.

Developers, meet the industries

There is a great need for mobile solutions for field service workers. Gone are the days of huge catalogs and 3-ring binders full of specs. We’re in the age of laptops, tablets, and even cellular phones that can easily outperform the old fashioned Paper System. The same applies for factory operators, Business Intelligence, ERP, and planning solutions.

By entering an order one time electronically you increase accuracy. No one has to be able to read your handwriting to enter your order into a system. Again and again this has been shown to reduce errors and streamline the whole ordering operation. Doing away with manual record keeping systems, no matter what they are, increases efficiency.

Industries, meet the developers

Developers' desire to build things and to solve difficult problems is what keeps them alive. Of course there is a learning curve for developers, but that can be surmounted. Developers will have to adapt and understand the specific need of each industrial segment. One example is to respond accurately to strict security and architecture requirements.

Other challenges developers might face are credibility gaps in a particular industrial domain. They will have to work with their industrial customers to establish what their needs are, to understand their process, in order to create a usable system for them. It’s up to them to find the right ways to service their potential customers.

I will address these challenges in subsequent articles, based on my experience with TeskaLabs. We're working to bridge the gap between these two worlds by combining the insights and experiences we have in both environments. I want to spread the word and share my experience with you so that you may develop new business with your market counterpart.

Whether you are a mobile app developer or a veteran from a particular industrial segment, I am looking forward to receiving your feedback and opinions. If you're in the mobile enablement business, we'd like to connect with you. Send us an email at or tweet to us TeskaLabs.

~ Tervel Sopov

About the Author

Tervel Sopov

TeskaLabs’ Strategic Partnership Manager, Tervel Sopov, thrives on scouting business opportunities, making deals and developing partnership. His motto is 'You don't close a sale; you open a relationship.'

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